At Comprehensive Medicare Advisors, we take a hands-on approach to guide you through the complex maze of Medicare.

Our team is here for you every step of the way. Comprehensive Medicare Advisors’ hands-on, step-by-step approach to guiding you through the enrollment process sets us apart from other advising professionals. Rather than leaving our clients to solve insurance-related issues alone, the CMA advisor you will work with offers interactive support to solve any claim or billing problem. 

We’ll start by choosing a benefits package that aligns with your financial and health needs, then walk you through completing and submitting all required forms. This is just the beginning. Service should continue after your initial enrollment, which is why beneficiaries working with our team at Comprehensive Medicare Advisors promise continued, year-round support for every step in your Medicare journey. The relationship with your CMA advisory gives beneficiaries confidence and peace of mind.

Have a question regarding Social Security or Medicare? You won’t be left searching for answers alone. Advisors will facilitate a 3-way call between Comprehensive Medicare Advisors, the agency, and the beneficiary to resolve.

Have you received a bill from your doctor? We will analyze an itemized invoice and review it for accuracy. We can explain the details of each charge and facilitate billing corrections between healthcare providers and insurance companies if there are discrepancies.

Have you received an EOB (Explanation Of Benefits) from your insurance carrier? Comprehensive Medicare Advisors can review the statement for accuracy and explain it in detail. An Explanation Of Benefits (EOB) is not a bill, but your advisor can check it for accuracy and facilitate amendments with providers’ offices and your insurance carrier as needed.

Would you like some clarification about your new coverage information? We know switching to Medicare can be a learning curve, and new copays, coinsurance, premiums, deductibles, and plan limitations can be an adjustment that takes some getting used to. Comprehensive Medicare Advisors offer year-round support whenever you have questions or concerns about your coverage information.

Do you have concerns regarding coverage plans you have already elected? Comprehensive Medicare Advisors offers services to those who may have already selected benefits. If you are a beneficiary already aged into Medicare but have questions or concerns about the coverage you have enrolled in, we can help. We’ll review and explain your coverage.

Are your healthcare needs changing? Life happens. Insurance policies may require amendments to maintain proper coverage as health conditions change for you and your family. Comprehensive Medicare Advisors are here to consult with you to make changes to your insurance when necessary, so you can know that your needs will be met as your health conditions change. Your advisor will contact you annually for an annual policy review to ensure your insurance meets your needs and suggest alternative options to optimize your coverage.

Comprehensive Medicare Advisors is here for you every step of the way. No matter the stage of your Medicare journey, you can go about your life with the confidence that Comprehensive Medicare advisors will ensure you are cared for as a client. While other advisors may provide steps to navigate insurance-related issues, our team takes the time to resolve any concern with you. As a CMA client, you get year-round, comprehensive support from our team.

Let Comprehensive Medicare advisors remove the confusion of the benefits enrollment process and guide you through the Medicare maze. Our expert enrollment advisors consult with you to select insurance that will provide the best access to the quality care you deserve. Our team fully understands the ins and outs of Medicare’s regulatory and legal side, and we explain the benefits of every option to optimize your coverage to fit your needs. 

We’re here for you! Don’t navigate the maze of Medicare alone. Contact us today to get started with your Medicare enrollment process. 

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